Syphon also known as pigtail syphon pipe are looped pipes filled with water and placed in piping configurations. We are engaged to providing best syphon technology; leading Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Syphon also pronounce Siphon. Syphon is a lifeline of the pressure instruments, gauges, switches and transmitter.

We are Asia’s best and expert that manufacturer syphon that are used in different industries. We are No. 1 Company that manufacture and supply syphon, pressure gauge syphon, siphon, siphon tube, syphon pipe, syphon tube, syphon filter, syphon pump, syphon filter ps4, siphon, syphon inject, syphon hose, syphon air gun, syphon aquarium, syphon autozone, syphon a pool, syphon aqueduct, syphon after effects, syphon brew, syphon blow gun, syphon bulb, syphon engine oil and syphon fortnite.

Technical Specification:

  • Metal: CS, SS 304/306 pipe.
  • Size: 1/4” to ½” pipe, sch50, 90, 125
  • End Connection: S/W, Screwed.NPT, BSP, Male / Female, Swivel
  • Type: (Q type, O Type, Plate U Type, Straight U Type)

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